The Grand Choir “Masters of Choral Singing”

Artistic Director — Professor Lev Kontorovich

“The Grand Choir is one of the best choirs in our country. Each encounter with these excellent musicians brings me great joy” – Dmitry Shostakovich, composer.

“The Choir under the direction of Lev Kontorovich is amazing, It shows great flexibility, mastership and charm” – Dmitri Hvorostovsky, singer.

“I find the Choir fantastic. The musicians sing in German so perfectly that sometimes I forget I hear the Russian choir singing.” – Helmuth Rilling, conductor.

«To “Masters of Choral Singing”: You are real Masters and it is pleasure to work with a chorus of such quality!» — Christoph Eschenbach, conductor.


Grand choir was founded in 1928, its founder and first artistic director was a master of choral art A.Sveshnikov. At various times, he was guided by such great musicians as N.Golovanov, I.Kuvykin, K.Ptitsa, L.Ermakova.

In 2005, the Grand Choir (known as the «Masters of Choral Singing») for the post of artistic director was invited by the People’s Artist of Russia, Professor Lev Kontorovich. Under his leadership, the updated composition of the choir successfully continues the traditions established by their predecessors. The name itself — «Masters of Choral Singing» — determined the professionalism, high level of performance, exceptional speed and versatility of the team, where each artist can act as a member of the choir and as a soloist.

For 85 years, the choir performed more than 5,000 works — operas, oratorios, cantatas Russian and foreign composers, works a’cappella, folk songs and sacred music. Many of them were the «golden fund» of the national record, gained recognition abroad (Grand Prix competition of recordings in Paris, the «Gold Medal» in Valencia). In the performance of a large choir were first heard many choral works by Prokofiev, Shostakovich, Shchedrin, Aram Khachaturian, O.Taktakishvili, V.Agafonnikov, Yu.Evgrafov etc.

With a large choir at various times such outstanding conductors as E.Svetlanov, M.Rostropovich, V.Spivakov, D.Kitaenko, V.Fedoseev, H.Rilling, G.Rozhdestvensky, A.Dzedda, E.Morrikone, V.Jurowski, M.Pletnev, K.Eshenbah; singers E. Obraztsova, I.Arkhipov, N.Gedda, D.Hvorostovsky, A.Netrebko, Z.Sotkilava, E.Nesterenko, R.Alanya, A.Georgiu, V.Ladyuk and many others.

In 2008 and 2012 the Grand choir took part in the inauguration ceremony of President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev and Vladimir Putin.

Grand choir clapped their hands in the major concert halls of Russia, Italy, France, Germany, Israel, Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, Japan, South Korea, Qatar, Indonesia and others held touring Grand choir for major cities of the Urals and Siberia (Dmitri Hvorostovsky) and the Far East.